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Electricity is as good as it can get and considered one of the few things that are built to stay forever throughout the life of a building. Considering the fact that the electrical wiring done in your home is meant to last throughout the life-cycle of the building there has to be a system in place to regulate changes. This can only be achieved through proper electrical repair and maintenance on a regular basis.

But first, what comes to your mind when you think of home? Do you regard it as a place to meet with loved ones or just a place to reside in and always feel welcomed? These are some of the things that most homeowners hold dare when they think of their homes, but actually what makes the home. A home is nothing without the presence of loved ones but more importantly, the house is a big part of what makes a home.

A house is designed to be the safest place for people to live and thus everything that goes into the house is made sure to be safe for the residents to maintain the true purpose of what a house is or should be. Electricity is one of the most crucial things and arguably what runs the house. Starting from the sockets, to the electric bulbs, HVAC appliances, electric cookers, and other electric appliances all need to be kept safe. And the safety of all of these items is reliant on proper electrical repair and maintenance.

Installing safety structures within a building is one thing and upholding safety is another? The best way to uphold safety is through electrical repair and maintenance. However, it has become challenging for people to know when to make this happen and how do they even know if they need it? This guide is designed to provide you with insights on electric safety & maintenance, how to avoid hazards, and when to take action!

How do you know when you need electrical repair or maintenance?

Thinking about safety is just one step ahead in the game but knowing the right time and the right instances to ensure safety is another thing. We should know what is capable of hurting us in our home and how to avoid such cases because often times we aren’t sure what to trust. Electricity is something that can reward us with multiple gains or horrible losses. Electricity does not only contribute to the comfort of our homes but can also help keep our home safer.

Think about the light bulbs that light up your front porches at night to make things visible both near and further away to deter thieves and make you alert of obstacles. These are some of the great advantages that electricity gives us but this can only be made sure if proper electrical repair in Lakeland, FL is carried out in your building. If not, what was once contributing to your overall safety can become the demise of the things you love the most.

To prevent this from happening below are some clear signs to alert you and let you know when you need electric maintenance.

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3 Signs You’re In Need of Electrical Repair

  • Flickering Lights: If there’s to be a standard way of figuring out that something is wrong with your electricity then a flickering light bulb should be the number one indicator. Light bulbs are some of the most fundamental electric equipment that you have in the house and moreover, electric bulbs are what started electricity and thus the most commonly susceptible of electric faults. A poor connection is the nearest problem to cause your light bulb to flicker continuously. This can be an indicator of a problem coming from an outlet or a particular fixture.

    A larger warning sign is several popped out light bulbs that are continuously being replaced. This also has to do with a connection problem. This can mean that you’ve got a bad neutral connection and you should straight away look for the help of professionals to take care of the electric repair.

  • Poor Electric Appliance Performance: How sufficiently and efficiently electricity is transferred to your electric devices will determine how effectively they will function. If you should ever come across electric stoves that never seem to get heated as they usually do or HVAC appliances that certainly seem down then this could be a sign. Although it’s very important to take note that dis-functioning equipment might not exactly mean that there’s a fault with your home electricity as this might be rather as a result of equipment failure.

    To differentiate the two possible outcomes and what will indicate what try and take note of the overall performance of all the devices present in that room if there’s more than one equipment that’s underperforming then it’s likely you’re facing a low voltage situation. This might be something that you’ll want to really have a further look at. Check out the common reasons for low voltage fluctuations in residential homes.

  • Circuit Breaker Tripping: If you’re familiar with electric wirings and electric control panels then you must have encountered circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are one of those safety electrical structures installed in your building as we have discoursed above but also need to be maintained through electric repair & maintenance. Have you ever been in one of those situations when suddenly the light goes off in only one section of the house? If so, this is as a result of your circuit breaker tripping.

    But most importantly why do circuit breakers trip and certainly, they don’t trip for no reason. The function of a circuit breaker is meanly to interrupt power supply whenever a fault is detected. This fault can be because of an overload or a short circuit. In other cases, the circuit breaker may become faulty of old age.

    However, safety does not just stop in undertaking routine maintenance. Every electric operation that is to be performed in your building should be based on certain accepted industry standards to make sure everything is done to standard. Certified electric contractors are expected to follow the National Electric Safety Code (IEEE, United States) to protect the soul interest of consumers.

How Often Do You Need Electrical Repair and Maintenance?

Although some suggest a minimum of one checkup per year however, even if you’ve never encountered any electric faults and everything seems perfect you should at least seek the help of a professional to have a look. It’s not best to let electric equipment running for so many years without any checkup. By the time your house turns 40, you should expect some of those materials to reach the end of their life cycle. There isn’t really a specified period of time because there are tons of different electrical equipment installed by different manufacturers.

Check out this preventive maintenance guide to have an idea of how often different electric equipment should be maintained or simply call our customer support team today here at Aveco Electrical, Inc. for a quick electrical repair and maintenance checkup.