CCTV Security Camera Systems Installation

Aveco Electrical, Inc. proudly provides CCTV surveillance system equipment as well as its installation throughout Lakeland and the Central Florida region. Our licensed technicians have installed security cameras for private homes, commercial spaces and government facilities.

Security Camera Systems

One of the biggest threats to your home or business is a burglary or an act of vandalism. This means it is imperative to protect your property with the latest security systems and technology. Proper design and installation of security cameras and video surveillance system can add an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

AveCo Electric Security offers a full range of security camera systems and solutions to monitor activity around your home or business.
Our experts will help you design and install the right system for your needs.

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Commercial Security Camera Services

Whatever your industry, security cameras can improve security by continually monitoring areas, or by selectively recording certain events. You can have them installed on the exterior of your offices or buildings to prevent break-ins and capture evidence. Security cameras are often used to monitor employees or for insurance claims and liability.

AveCo Electric works with commercial clients around Central Florida to establish customized business security solutions. Our security camera services can include the full planning of CCTV systems and locations, professional installation and monitoring services. We can also take care of maintenance and security camera repairs.

Residential Security Camera Services

AveCo Electric Security offers full residential security camera installations and services. It is important for homeowners to protect their property and family. Security cameras add extra comfort and peace of mind, and greatly deter burglars or vandals.

AveCo Electric can help you choose the right security cameras for your home, and can guide you through the details to utilize them to prevent trouble. Our professional technicians will install your security cameras, including the features that you require.

Security Camera Types And Features

Security camera systems consist of security cameras, digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR), and monitoring software. AveCo Electric offers a large variety of high-quality equipment to bring you cutting-edge solutions.

There are many types of security cameras available: Bullet Cameras, Dome Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Hidden Cameras, and more. Our certified professionals will help you plan & deploy the solution that is right for your home or business.

Security cameras come with a range of features such as high definition resolution, wide-angle lenses for capturing large areas, infrared sensors for night-vision, network/IP connectivity, smartphone remote control features, all-weather proofing, and vandal-proof features for the most threatening conditions.

Expert Security Cameras Installations

When choosing security camera system for home or business, the key questions are what kind of camera to use, where to store the images/videos and how to monitor and access them. A consultation with an expert from Aveco Electrical, Inc. team can determine the answers to these questions, which depend on many factors including purpose, location and local conditions.

Whether you are a residential client looking to protect your home, or a commercial client looking for a full CCTV security camera system plan for security and insurance, Aveco Electrical, Inc. is the company to call.

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