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At Aveco Electrical, Inc. every project is a new challenge and a chance to solve a puzzle, craft a solution, and delight a client. We’re a full-service electrician firm founded in 2008 in Lakeland, Florida serving the entire state of Florida.

Our business has been guided by a vision to build an electrical contracting company that blends the analytic rigor of a consultancy with top-notch engineering and project management capabilities and a craftsman’s pride in a job well done.

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Electricians Lakeland, FL

Here at Aveco Electrical, we exist to serve the community of Lakeland, Florida with sustainable electric energy consumption designs and reliable electric building systems. With an impressive track record of about 12 years (since 2008) as an electrical contracting firm made possible by our valued traditions of following approved standards and the use of innovation in problem-solving supported with the latest technologies.

In today’s world, electricity is king and when we say king we mean that over 65% of human contact has to do with electricity. Electricity is gradually becoming the dominant force in energy consumption with the rise of consumption per hour amounting to 18 terawatts in 2013 equivalent to 90 billion barrels of oil per 8760 hours.

With that much of electric energy consumed per hour, it’s evident what big difference electricity makes in our lives. Electricity is the soul and heart of today’s economies thankfully it’s renewable. However, with such a big numbers comes a high-risk high-value situation for both homeowners and organizations.

Homeowners have to strategize to gain the most out of their electrical investments’ and this has to start right from the beginning and that’s the electrical installation process. Hiring the right electrical contractor goes a long way to extend the life of your equipment, improve the safety of your home, and ensure the highest performance of your equipment.

Electrical Installation

Good electrical installation is not solely based on the type of equipment you’ve although that adds to the performance it’s based on the skill of workmanship. Especially in today’s constantly-changing technological environment, new electric devices are always coming out to replace the old ones and thus giving birth to new and modern methods of installation.

With that being said, does that mean you should bother to ask the electricians and what type of electrical equipment is installed in your building? Yes of course! You may have it in mind that good maintenance service is all you need but prevention is better than cure. Electrical contractors have a lot to do in terms of electrical installation in both commercial and residential buildings big or small. Below we will take a look at some of the benefits they bring.

Why Hire an Experienced Electrician?

Unlike any other building improvement service carried out on your building, this is not a job that you should think of handling yourself. Electrical installation needs as much care as the care that is given when building your home. Taking such a big procedure for granted can create a lot more harm than the damage of a poorly constructed building.

Think about this; the worst that can happen to a poorly built home is to collapse to the ground and nothing more than that. When it comes to poor electrical installation and design on a building there’s a high chance of a fire outbreak to take place. And unlike the collapsed building the fire is likely to spread and largely capable of destroying a whole neighborhood.

The success of this job is nowhere close to giving it a shot yourself (DIY) for the safety of you and the people you live with. If you should hire anybody sub-par for a particular home service then let it be anything but electrical installation. Hiring a certified electrician in Lakeland, FL gives you the best shot to success and here’s why.

1. Color Coding

Electrical gadgets are one of those devices that have to be tagged to keep track of. As a result of this, you will find wires of different colors fixed in an extension box to give the electrician a better idea of which wire is which. An uneducated person will not be able to know which wire needs attention when something goes wrong with the wires. Hiring the wrong electrician can mean the absence of this labeling which can cost you money in the future. To know more about this check out the NCE color coding requirements.

2. Complicated Wiring and High Voltage Connections

Electricity on one side is very easy to understand and so how it works. Many people view electrical operations as some one-two easy tasks you just need to connect a wire with another wire and just like that the current will flow. This approach often puts in the mind of people that all that’s needed is to make sure a wire is attached to the source, therefore, hiding the big picture. Poor electric wiring can be spotted within a blink of an eye by a professional electrician. The less tidy it looks the worse it is.

A good electrician is expected to keep the wires connected in a simple and tidy fashion. Each wire should align in a particular way and in the right place. It should be clean and easy to understand what has been done. In the case of high voltage wires, an experienced electrical contractor is expected to hide such wires behind walls and follow a specific design pattern throughout.

3. Commercial Set-ups and High Load Buildings

Although there’s a similarity between a residential installation and commercial installation there are certain factors that separate the two. Just like in residential set-up a commercial building also needs electricity to circulate throughout the building efficiently. The challenge in this type of project that requires high load devices to be connected on the line is efficiency without any risk. The electrical contractor has to make sure sufficient powered is transmitted to the building at the safety of the circuit breaker.

Managing such high voltages requires in-depth experience in terms of knowing the right wires to use based on their capacities and the needed safety equipment such as fuses.

4. Earthing & Bonding

This may be the last on this least but maybe the most important. This is one of those tasks that can only be handled by a professional electrical contractor. Things such as fault currents exist in an electric circuit and earthing is used to protect you from this type of shocks. An electric circuit is always looking forward to being completed in the presence of a live wire and at times your body can accidentally serve as that extra conductor needed to complete the circuit. So when a fault occurs instead of the current flowing through your body it’s sent to the ground.

This works by connecting a wire from the socket to the ground which is filled with material such as charcoal. In electricity, a current is likely to flow through bodies with lower resistance and both the ground and your body serve as resistors just that in this case the ground holds a lower resistance. An unseasoned professional is capable of making so many mistakes in this procedure or omitting completely.

Having successfully read the whole guide you can check out the United States National Electrical Code (NEC) standards both for the state of Florida and all the other jurisdictions.

It’s highly advised that you hire trained and certified electricians and electrical contractors in Lakeland, FL to deal with your power installation difficulties. When it comes to electricity, a problem may appear to be small but later appear to be the reason why you lost so much. Remember no problem is too small or too big to solve. In case if you have any questions or inquiries feel free to phone in our customer support team here at Aveco Electrical today for a quick chat.

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Aveco Electrical, Inc. is a Lakeland-based industrial, commercial, and residential electrical contractor. Aveco self performs all aspects of electrical construction as well as generator installation, security systems, CCTV security cameras, data & voice networking and fiber.